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Did you Know?

- Paverpol liquid is versatile.  It is available in transparent (which looks white in the tub, but dries clear), bronze, black, terra-cotta and lead grey.  Alternatively Paverpol can be colored with one of 28 pavercolor powders.  One pavercolor tub is enough to color 1000g of Paverpol Transparent!

- Paverpol liquid gives you different creative options.  Add Artstone powder to Paverpol liquid to create an air dry clay or add Paverplast powder to create a waterproof smoothing paste.

- The paverpol range includes a variety of surface textures too.  Have a look at our wrappers, stockinette, pavercotton and relief decoration on the products page and look on the projects page to find some free tutorials to speak to your artistic muse.

- Paverpol liquid will add a waterproof layer to your artwork but for extra protection outdoors we advise that you varnish with the Josephine user-friendly matte or satin varnishes.

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Faux quilted Paverpol Seascape by Tracey Lipman



Welcome to Paverpolisrael

Paverpol is a revolutionary craft product from Holland.  It was created by a group of Dutch artists in the early 1990's as an environmentally safer alternative to resin.  It was originally used to create large sculptures for carnival floats.  But word spread fast.  Once you try it you'll see why it has become the leading textile hardener/cloth sculpting medium worldwide. 
- Paverpol has the ACMI AP seal of approval, meaning it has been PROVED to be safe to use with children and adults alike AND its safe for the environment.

- Paverpol can be used with any natural material such as fabric, wood, stone, styrofoam, metal, glass, ceramic, paper or cardboard.  (you'll soon wonder how you managed without it as a general household SAFE adhesive!)

- Paverpol Transparent liquid can be used as an alternative to varnish or resin with Polymer Clay.

- Paverpol liquid is user friendly.  Apply with a paintbrush or dip your fabric, squeeze off the excess and drape.
- Paverpol liquid is water-based so you can wash your hands and brushes with ordinary soap and water!  Be careful not to pour undiluted Paverpol down the drain though, as it will harden.

- Paverpol liquid is fast drying, it dries to the touch within an hour, hardens over night and dries rock hard solid within a week or two.  If you want to add to your Paverpol artwork once its dry, simply use Paverpol liquid as an adhesive.

- Protect your work surface with a plastic table cover, put on your apron, remove your jewelery and get ready to have some fun. Paverpol, the world leader, is now available in Israel!

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