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Paverpol liquid is available in transparent, bronze, black, grey and terracotta. (Transparent Paverpol can be coloured with pavercolor powders).

Paverpol is available in 500g, 1000g. Paverpol Transparent is also available in a 250 ml siphon bottle. Also available in 5750g tubs (contact us for details HERE).


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Combine our range of 28 Pavercolor powders with Paverpol Transparent to create a limitless palette. One bottle of powder is enough to color 1000g of Paverpol Transparent.

Metallic Pavercolor may lose its luster when mixed with Paverpol. To restore combine the powder with Josefine gloss varnish and apply to your dried piece.

Colors - 25 ILS
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Metallic - 40 ILS
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Use our high-quality varnishes to weatherproof your dry Paverpol piece for outdoor use. Allow two weeks for your piece to completely dry before applying our varnish.

Available in matte or satin finish in 100 ml. and 375 ml jars. (Do not use the extreme matte varnish on dark colors.)

Type and Size
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Wrappers are stretchable lightweight cloth. They can be pulled tight around an armature to create a smooth layer, wrinkled to create texture, or cut into strips and wrapped around your armature to create a figurine.

Wrappers are also perfect to use for hats and shawls on your Paverpol statues or as embellishments on your Paverpol paintings, photo frames, boxes etc.

Price - 45 ILS
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