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Salt and Pepper Shaker Tutorial
Includes five pages of clear step by step instructions with 15 full colour pictures. This tutorial will show you how to cover glass salt and pepper shakers using Paverpol Transparent and your favorite fabrics. You can also go on to use Paverpol and a natural fabric with any other glass vessel. Once Paverpol Transparent is completely dry your material will be water resistant so your glass vessel can be washed.

Price: 20.00 Shekels

Tutorial is in English

Combine our range of 28 Pavercolor powders with Paverpol Transparent to create a limitless palette. One bottle of powder is enough to color 1000g of Paverpol Transparent.

Metallic Pavercolor may lose its luster when mixed with Paverpol. To restore combine the powder with Josefine gloss varnish and apply to your dried piece.

Price: 35.00 Shekels in Hebrew or English

Matza Tray Tutorial
12 pages of clear step by step instructions with 34 color pictures. Make your own matza tray using your favorite cotton fabric and Paverpol Transparent.

Price: 35.00 Shekels

Tutorial is in English
Doll's chair Turorial
This tutorial takes you through the steps of making a frame, covering it with strips of material dipped in Paverpol to harden and then sewing a cover for your chair. The tutorial also includes a scale pattern for your armchair cover, with sewing instructions.
If sewing is not 'your thing' you could simply paint your Paverpol covered armchair in your (or your doll's) favorite color.
With 40!! full color pictures and clear step by step instructions, your dolls could be comfortable before you know it :)
My chair measures 16 cm across the front, seat area is 9 cm square and chair height is 20 cm.

Price: 35.00 Shekels

Tutorial is in English

Dancing Wall Dolls TutorialDavid and Lilly love to dance. With smiles on their faces and brightly colored clothes they will cheer up any wall and on the journey to their creation I hope you will find yourself smiling and dancing along with them.
Over 40 pages with clear step by step color photos.
You will need approximately 500ml of Paverpol Transparent for each doll.

Price: 60.00 Shekels

Tutorial is in English

Fabric Rose Tutorial
Learn to make fabric roses with this step by step full color tutorial. The tutorial includes three different shape petal templates which can be used to make three different flowers or mixed and matched for fun variations.
Learn to put a stem on your rose for a floral display or how to make a fabric covered headband to attach your roses to.
Lots of possibilities, lots of fun, lots of color photos. 20 pages and 47!! step by step color photos to help your imagination bloom.
A 250 ml bottle of Paverpol is more than enough for this project.

Price: 45.00 Shekels

Tutorial is in English