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Paverpol Liquid Resin Art craft hobby hardener
Paverpol liquid
Transparent Paverpol looks white in the container but turns clear and dry to the touch within an hour, hardening overnight, and dries completely in 1 to 2 weeks (depending on the temperature). Apply Paverpol liquid with a paintbrush or dip your material; smooth off the excess and drape over your form.

Paverpol liquid is available in transparent, bronze, black, grey and terracotta. (Transparent Paverpol can be coloured with pavercolor powders).

Paverpol is available in 500g, 1000g or 5750g tubs. Paverpol Transparent is also available in a 250 ml siphon bottle.

Pavercolors picture
Combine our range of 28 Pavercolour powders with Paverpol Transparent to create a limitless palette. One bottle of powder is enough to color 1000g of Paverpol Transparent.

For an even color, make a smooth paste by combining Pavercolor powder with a little water and add to Paverpol Transparent.

Metallic Pavercolor may lose its luster when mixed with Paverpol. To restore combine the powder with Josefine gloss varnish and apply to your dried piece. To create a paint suitable for indoor pieces combine pavercolor with water. For outdoor pieces combine pavercolor with Josefine gloss varnish.

Josephine art craft hobby varnish matt satin
Josefine Varnishes
Use our high-quality varnishes to weatherproof your dry Paverpol piece for outdoor use. Allow two weeks for your piece to completely dry before applying our varnish. After use your brushes can be washed with ordinary soap and water.

Available in matte or satin finish in 100 ml. and 375 ml jars. (Do not use the extreme matte varnish on dark colors.)

For creative textures, combine our 100% cotton fiber with Paverpol liquid. Leave the color as is or dye with Pavercolor powders to make hair for your Paverpol figurines, creative dishes or surface embellishments.

Click HERE for creative Pavercotton project ideas.

Available in 40g bags

art craft hobby scrapbook embellishment

Stockinette is 100% cotton open-weave knit. Once dipped in paverpol, it can be stretched to double its length.

Stockinette can be colored with Pavercolor mixed with Paverpol liquid.

Click HERE for creative Stockinette project ideas.

Available in bags of 80 x 100 cm.

Josephine Relief decoration art craft hobby scrapbook embellishment
Josefine's Relief Decoration
A textured, dried woodgrain which becomes pliable when saturated with Paverpol. It can be used to great effect as clothing for figurines, or scrapbooking and greeting card embellishments, with clear paverpol or dyed beautifully with Pavercolors or acrylic paint.

Available in bags of approx. 30 x 50 cm.
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