Pavercotton Bowl

Paverpol does not stick to plastic so cover a bowl (or any other shape you want to make) with plastic kitchen wrap.
Put your pavercolor powder into a plastic container. Add a SMALL amount of water to make a paste. This makes it easier to add your paverpol and gives a more even color, with no lumps.

Pavercolors are available in 26 colors. One small bottle of powder is enough to color a 1000g paverpol tub. I used light blue pavercolor with a dash of mother of pearl pavercolor for added sparkle. You can lighten the color by adding less pavercolor.
Add your paverpol transparent to your colored paste and mix well.

I used 1/4 of a bottle of pavercolor powder and added 250 ml (1/4 of my 1 litre tub) for this large bowl.
Pull apart your pavercotton fibres and add them to your paverpol/pavercolor liquid. Mix well so all the fibres are covered, to get an even color. I add in batches, mix and then add some more.
Take out your colored fibres and arrange them over your plastic covered bowl. I used bamboo skewers to separate out the fibres as I wanted a holy bowl :)

You can use your fingers; I just didn't want to get my camera blue :)

Hands can be washed with soap and water after you're done.
Whole bowl covered :). Leave to dry. Once it is dry to the touch, ie does not make your fingers sticky when you touch it, go over the whole area with your hand and fingers smoothing out any sticking out fibres (as these will be sharp when it dries hard) and making sure the fibres are stuck together around your holes so it does not fall apart once its dry.

It should dry to the touch in about an hour or maybe less. It will still be flexible for some time though as the inside layer is not dry yet. This layer will not dry until you remove the plastic. Ideally leave it to dry over night on the bowl and plastic. The next morning, or some hours later remove the plastic from the bowl, with your cotton bowl attached. Then remove the plastic from your bowl and leave to dry completely. It is still flexible enough at this stage for you to give it the shape you want.
A cotton bowl made using Paverpol Transparent, Pavercolor powder and Pavercotton.

A lovely, fun, easy project with a great result.