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Artstone powder
Josefine's Artstone Powder
Mix Art Stone powder with an equal amount of Paverpol liquid to create a self hardening clay, suitable for indoor use. It can be colored with Pavercolors or mixed with colored Paverpol.

Alternatively wet your piece with paverpol liquid and apply Art Stone powder direct to create a variety of stone effects.

Click HERE for creative Artstone project ideas.

Available in 200 grams tub.


Paverplast Powder
Combine 1 part Paverplast Powder with 5 parts Paverpol liquid to create a waterproof paste which can be applied with a plastic spatula or paintbrush. Smooth by dipping your finger in water and running it over the surface.

Paverplast paste can be colored with Pavercolor powders mixed with Paverpol Liquid.

Store your paste in an airtight container as it is air drying. If the Paverplast paste becomes too stiff, you can add some Paverpol. Do not add water!

Available in 100 and 400 grams tubs

Wrappers are stretchable lightweight cloth. They can be pulled tight around an armature to create a smooth layer, wrinkled to create texture, or cut into strips and wrapped around your armature to create a figurine. Brush your skeleton with Paverpol, wrap and then brush with Paverpol again. To create a smooth artwork wait for your piece to completely dry and then apply a layer of paverplast paste (a mixture of Paverpol liquid and Paverplast powder)

Wrappers are also perfect to use for hats and shawls on your Paverpol statues or as embellishments on your Paverpol paintings, photo frames, boxes etc. Dip the Wrapper into the Paverpol, squeeze out excess and arrange as desired.

Metal Bases
These sturdy metal rods attached to a thin metal base are perfect for adding stability to your artwork. For a standing figurine, attach your armature leg to the metal rod.

They are 30cm high with a 9cm x 9cm base.

Ceramic head, arms and legs
A 9 cm ceramic head, arms and legs adds detail to your artwork.

Available as head only or as a head, arms and legs set.


Instructional DVDs and Books
(to help you create Paverpol figurines-your personal instructor in your own living room)
  • DVD workshop in English PA
  • Book "From T-shirt to garden statue"
  • Book "Elegant Figurines"
  • Book "Big How to Paverpol Book"

Full color PDF tutorials
Full color PDF tutorials with pictures and clear step by step instructions to help you to make a variety of home decor items using Paverpol Transparent and your favorite cotton fabrics or napkins. Available in Hebrew and English.
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