Artist Profiles-Shirley Tasker


Shirley, can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do?

My passion to create and sculpt has made me the person I am today. It all started 17 years ago. I created cloth sculpture figurines from empty wine bottles, textile, household materials and cement. >From these I could make any size of sculpture from tiny to life size. I am a National Teacher in the flower arranging world and would demonstrate my art and lead workshops to `groups` all over the country.


How did you start using Paverpol?

I wished that one day there would be a product that would lift my creativity to a higher level. That day arrived 13th March 2003. A parcel arrived and inside a little Paverpol `Kit` and a letter signed Jan de Roode. So now I had a product that would allow my sculptures to go outside in the garden !!

How has your journey with Paverpol progressed?

Since those days in 2003 I have become a Certificated Paverpol Instructor with Jossy de Roode, have had published two major `step by step`articals and have lead Paverpol workshops and given Paverpol demonstrations all over the country.

In 2009 I joined Facebook and found myself talking to `like-minded` friends from different parts of the world. In 2010 I started the Creative Cloth Sculpture Group from which I then started a Paverpol `Fan Page` from which I started the `Creative Cloth Sculpture` (Paverpol - World Wide Group ) To date with approx 1000 `Paverpollers` ( some are in both ) all exchanging Paverpol ideas and loving it.


What do you like about Paverpol?

I love everything about Paverpol!!
From a sculpting point of view, I like the way you can dry sections of your work with a hair dryer in order to carry on with the next bit.For me this is such a bonus not having to stop your creative flow. You can colour it with Pavercolours,you can use it transparent, you can paint it. You can preserve fresh plant material. ( see `Fern` in number 5 ) It is safe for children to work with their bare hands!! and safe for the enviroment. No need to wear gloves, just wash your hands in warm water.
It is inexpensive and easily available.

Do you have a favorite piece?

One of my favorite pieces is `Fern`
I purchased a `African Turned Head` from
She was easy to transform with just a couple of pieces of t-shirt fabric and Paverpol Black.
To add depth to the textile I highlighted it with metallic paint.
I wanted to give her some `body art` so I preserved fresh garden ferns and painted them with paverpol black, then applied the preserved ferns to her by painting them again to her skin.

Can you give any tips to our Paverpol users?

Always replace the Paverpol lid when not in use - even a small amount in the bottom of the container will stay viable with the lid sealed tight.


You can find out more about Shirley and her beautiful work on her website:

If you have any questions or if you would like to tell Shirley something about her work, you can contact her by email at: